[SIGGRAPH23] “Keep the process simple”-Josh White

Please introduce your project and how Feather is used.
This is a piece that began as a doodle in Feather App. I had no particular intentions other than to see how I could use the app in my general workflow when creating a piece of art.
Where did Feather help you most to get ideas developed?
I started this piece in Feather just to get to know the various controls and functions of each feature. I created a single guide and began to doodle a series of strokes. I then began to duplicate this original shape and created an array forming a quarter circle.
I then exported a 3D model of a human that I had posed in another app called “Poseit” on the iPad. Once I had this model in Feather I was able to use the model as a guide to “draw” over and create a 3D mesh effect in the shape of a human.
After I had these main components, I imported these models into Nomad Sculpt to begin to play with. I created a couple of renders to combine in Procreate for the final touches.
Could you explain why you only used an iPad in your process?
I very much enjoy the ease of keeping most of my workflow on one device. I have worked many years using both a pc and Ipad for accomplishing many different functions, but now that more and more software tools are becoming available on the Ipad, I am able to complete my pieces with greater efficiency.
Is there any pain point in the pipeline of 3D sketching-sculpting-rendering on iPad?
No, I have not run into anything that has limited me up until now. I suspect that the more advanced the hardware gets on the iPad, the less there will be any possibility of any pain points in the future. In fact, I believe that working on devices like this will be the future, as processing power continues to take up less and less space.
What are the tools you use in the creative process?
In my creative process, I try to keep it as simple as possible to get the result I am looking for. I will sometimes use Blender to “flesh” out a scene, then take a rendered image into another app like Procreate, to paint over the render, and finalize the image. Adding Feather to my arsenal on the iPad has greatly increased the workflow speed of working on certain concepts. I am looking forward to further developments with Feather as I feel it has the potential to completely replace a lot of what I have to go to my PC for when it comes to getting quick 3D concepts down.
When creating with Feather, what makes it different?
The main difference that Feather makes in my process is the ability to implement the ability to quickly iterate. Having the chance to create an object that can quickly be viewed from any angle to determine what will work best is an amazing time saver. I can block out a composition in instantly compared to the past, which involved manually painting a scene or structure in a scene, and if I didn't like it, I would have to start all the way over. With Feather, I can quickly sketch a basic shape for my scene and turn it around until it works and not have to redo anything. It is great.
What is important in creating digital concept art, and how 3D creation tools nowadays facilitate or hinder it?
I would say that with 3d tools becoming more readily available for anyone to pick up and use, we are seeing an increase in the quality of work being done. 3d tools are not necessary, but they do allow you to focus on the final product a lot more quickly. I don't think it hinders any part of the creative process at all.
What would you like to say to toolmakers like us?
These types of tools that create a pathway for artists and creative professionals to get their ideas out of their heads and into production are going to be essential going into the future. With A.I. that is capable of instantly spitting out visualizations of whatever one wants to create, it is incredibly important that artists have a way to compete against that kind of efficiency. Any tool that multiplies the speed at which an artist, or creative can produce a product that still embodies the heart that inspired the creation, is worth investing in and developing further.
Each artwork in Feather, Nomadsculpt, and procreate has been shown in an interactive way at the exhibition.
All sent works are copyrighted and owned solely by the original author.

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