[SIGGRAPH23] “Sketch and communicate” - Ariel Casia

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Twitter - @uthinkucreate
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Please introduce your project and how Feather is used.
This project is in the US. This is an initial study of Alfresco dining for an Italian Restaurant. I wanted a quick sketch that I can interact with and review possibilities. I used Feather because it’s light to use with simple tools and it doesn’t slow me down.
Where did Feather help you most to get ideas developed?
Because the sketch is in 3D, I can move around to review different views and see opportunities for improvements in planning and design. An important process to get the best functionality and experience.
To whom and how did you show Feather sketches for communication?
These quick 3D sketches are good to explore ideas in the preliminary stages of the project. Showing these to the Team for brainstorming to gather good and bad comments for further improvements.
What is good and bad for communication when using Feather?
A feather sketch is good because it is a 3D drawing and it can be explored in different ways. But it can also turn bad if the sketch is not carefully drawn which can be confusing when communicating ideas.
What are the tools you use in the creative process?
I sketched with pencil and paper for a long time until I jumped to digital when Apple launched the iPad Pro. This is my sketch with pen and paper.
For Sketch planning and details I use Arrette App - An app with basic tools to sketch In scale. I’ve been using this for 5 years now.
For sketching perspective views I use Procreate - it works like Photoshop but much easier to control.
Notesapp – the standard app comes default to any iPad. It’s not just for note-taking, I use it as a digital paper to sketch ideas quickly
When sketching with Feather, what makes it different?
I start early on visualizing thru sketching in 3D so Feather app can give me the same 3d sketch in that sense. The difference without Feather, I have to sketch many views if I want to explore my design better. Without Feather, I normally use Sketchup to create quick massing of shapes to sketch over.
What is important in sketching and communication, and how 3D creation tools nowadays facilitate or hinder it?
Analog sketching is still the best to communicate ideas because it’s fast with the hand and mind direct connection. But the interpretation of a sketch may be different from others that is where the importance of 3D comes in. But why a lot of Designers are still hesitant to jump to 3D? Simply because of the time and amount of tools to learn using the app or software.
What would you like to say to toolmakers like us as one of the creative professionals?
Feather is a good app because it’s easy to learn and is Designer friendly with its simple 3D tools. It is still new and it needs to evolve with other useful tools. Overall when used well, It can be a powerful visualization sketching tool to come up with Creative Solutions
Each sketch in the process of design shared by Ariel was printed and shown in iPad at the exhibition. These are the photos and sketches!
Procreate App. A perspective sketch of an All Day Dining estaurant in a 5 star hotel. It has variety of seating arranged to maximize space and natural lighting. Used sketchup for basic massing and traced over with Procreate
Arrette App. Sketch Plan, Elevations and Perspective View of a standard hotel guestroom. Bed arranged facing the window with a sunken seating lounge.
Procreate App. Sketch of a Hotel Lobby Concept. Depicting movement of the Kite in flight and its interaction with the wind.
Procreate App. A sketch design of the bathroom, closet and mini-bar area for a 5-star Hotel Guestroom. Each is well thought of with stylish bespoke details
Procreate App. This is a 360-panorama sketch of a Hotel Guestroom. I sketched this on an equirectangular grid and its quite a challenge but with practice it’s quite fun to do. View online here - https://wordpress.com/page/uthinkucreate.wordpress.com/1044.
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