More after SIGGRAPH 2023

The whole exhibition story for our community.

User Stories

We have found three users that could represent different ways and styles in different field of proffession and exhibit the process of using Feather.
This story shows how Feather is useful for communications in the early steps of design for an interior designer.
This story shows how Feather can be used for concept art, and especially keeping the process in a single iPad.
This story shows how Feather expanded her style by doing 3D computer graphics.

Drawings from the live drawing

At the exhibition we were live streaming how our team is drawing with Feather on a large LED screen. Read all the details of the show and view all the 3D drawing results by this article!
 All the drawings shared in this article were done during the 3 days of the exhibition. ️ All the 3D drawings in the article are opened by a link you can view in 3D.

Photos of the exhibition.