Feather Community

It’s always a pleasure to see how different users worldwide use Feather!
We hope to build a community for the users to see how others use, share experiences, get tips and inspiration, or discuss with us and the community.


Articles for our community will be shared.

Community events

Online event: Featherary 2024

 Feather 1 Day 1 Drawing Challenge!

Drawing every day, even just a tiny thing, and sharing will boost our drawing skills. It might be challenging to do this alone, but it will be easier with the community cheering up and doing it together.
️ Official Featherary Daily Prompt
To help and encourage this challenge, we prepared a theme, weekly keyword, and a list of daily prompts.
 The theme, keyword, and list of prompts will give you ideas of what to draw, follow, and practice drawing every day.

Download Feather Calendar

The 2023 Feather calendar in digital format will be shared every month!
 Shared every month for free.
 In sizes, which you can use as wallpaper for desktops or tablets.
 This calendar introduces art & design events in the world along with the story of Feather. We would like to share a wide range of events we are interested in with the community.
Check out the events introduced every month, and enjoy related Feather-works.
A short description of each event and drawings will be provided with the link so you can view the works in 3D.

“Drawings from users (shared on Sketchfab)”

“Thank you for using Feather Beta.”

View Feather-works shared on different social media platforms and found by us while our open-beta service. Thank you all for using Feather and sharing your story.
Please let us know about your work too, tag us or share the link on our Discord server!
Beta users’ drawings

Community Channels

YouTube Feather 3D Sketchbook
SketchFab 3D gallery “Feathered”
Twitter @feather_3d
Instagram @sketchsoft, @feather_3d


We respect all creators and their creations.
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