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This calendar introduces art & design events in the world along with the story of Feather. We would like to share a wide range of events we are interested in with the community.
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December 2023 | Comic Market

Comic Market(Comiket) is the world's largest doujin event held every August and December in Tokyo. Doujin means amateur creators, especially in the subculture scene. Participants show not only their original work but also their secondary creations. "Chuatury Panlunch (ChuChu)" is a character from "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury". Our artist Sky was impressed by her punching scene in episode 4 and drew her in a new style with his reinterpretation.

November 2023 | Feather Official Release

On November 1, 2022, Feather was officially released after 15 months of beta service. With its new branding, extra features, and stable service, Feather started being used by broader creators worldwide. In November 2022, to commemorate the official launch, we held the "Goodbye Beta, Hello 1.0" event with the beta users who have been with us. In 2023, we are preparing another event to celebrate Feather's first anniversary. Please stay tuned.

October 2023 | Blender Conference

Blender is a 3D modeling and rendering software that is free under the motto of "Freedom to Create." Centered around an open-source project by a non-profit organization, the developers of it and the creators using are building and growing global communities together. The Blender Conference brings them together both offline and online. Our team also wants to create a world where anyone can draw in 3D freely in a similar vein to Blender.

September 2023 | Art Week

Art Week in South Korea is a program where anyone can enjoy art, regardless of gender, age, disability, and residence. You can visit exhibitions across the country for free or discounted prices, and participate in art programs for free. In 2022, our team was also a selected operator of the "Art + Technology" for various programs using Feather. We will continue to make opportunities for collaborating with artists and incorporating 3D digital creation in art and education.

August 2023 | ACM SIGGRAPH

ACM SIGGRAPH is the world's largest computer graphics conference, celebrating its 50th anniversary. You can see the process and technology behind the hottest movies, animations, and games. The earlier Feather had one brush style, but after the introduction of changing colors, the range of drawing styles became wider. Looking forward to seeing Feather at SIGGRAPH, we present an artwork that shows new possibilities for 3D drawing with colorful brushes.

July 2023 | Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the UK's largest automotive event, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Unlike a typical motor show, where cars are parked indoors, you can see all on the road. All kinds of vehicles run through the open-air course. "Race" above is a concept sketch of a Le Mans race car designed by our artist Won. It was one of the works to introduce Feather to the public, which was originally developed as an automotive design tool.

June 2023 | Serpentine pavilion

Every June, the Serpentine Gallery, a gallery in Hyde Park, London, invites an architect who has never built a building in London to install a pavilion in the garden. This event has become an annual event that provides an opportunity for architects with potential. Just as this project allowed architects to express their personalities and philosophies, Feather team hopes to bring more diverse ideas and inspiration to creators around the world.

May 2023 | Day of Star Wars

"May the force be with you." is a greeting in the movie "Star Wars" to share their wishes before facing a big challenge. May 4th, which sounds similar, has become a day to celebrate Star Wars. Each year, fans from all over the world share their love for the movie. In 2022, our artist Sky also unveiled a new pod racer inspired by the design of the original. It is one of his favorites and the first encounter where he saw how the "design" works.

April 2023 | Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week, one of the world's largest design events, will be held from 17 to 23 April 2023. Including the furniture fair, the city will be full of numerous design events and exhibitions. In 2022, our community manager Jenny introduced Feather on the spot, and our designer Jun drew the Masters Chair of Kartell, to commemorate the event. You can see the process and story of the drawing above on Feather's official YouTube channel.

March 2023 | WonderCon

WonderCon is an expo you can enjoy content related to comics, science fiction, and movies in Anaheim, USA. It will be held from March 24th to 26th. In July, "ComicCon San Diego," will also be run by ComicCon International. "FLAT-L06D FLAT" is drawn with Feather. This was designed by Syd Mead, who participated in ComicCon 2007 as a concept artist for "Blade Runner." He created this concept for the Japanese animation "∀ Gundam.”

February 2023 | Frieze Los Angeles

Frieze is an art fair started in London, UK mainly introduces contemporary art with galleries from all over the world. This year, the event will be held in Los Angeles(February), New York(May), Seoul(September), and London(October). As creators of creative tools, the Feather team wants to make a tool that also supports diverse contemporary artists.
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