Featherary 2024

 Feather 1 Day 1 Drawing Challenge!

Drawing every day, even just a tiny thing, and sharing will boost our drawing skills. It might be challenging to do this alone, but it will be easier with the community cheering up and doing it together.
You can join the daily challenge with any drawings or follow the official prompt.
Also share your drawings with our community and also with your friends!
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️ Official Featherary Daily Prompt

To help and encourage this challenge, we prepared a theme, weekly keyword, and a list of daily prompts.
 The theme, keyword, and list of prompts will give you ideas of what to draw, follow, and practice drawing every day.
Example room by Jenny

 Sneak & peak the prompts.

We will draw 1 thing a day, 7 things for 1 room.
In the end, it will be 28 things in 4 rooms!
 Please join our Discord community or subscribe for the prompt updates.
 It will be open every Wednesday!
 Subscribe and we will send you emails with the prompts, example drawings, and some tips!

 Submit & Share with the community.

 What: What you draw each day.
Day: GIF Image (Things)
Week: GIF & Shared link (Room)
 When: 2024-02-01 ~ 2024-02-28
 How: Submit your drawing on the Featherary event page.
 We will gather and show all the drawings on this page.
 Submit your drawing everyday on this page.
 By day and week we will feature some of the drawings on our social media channels.


Small awards will be prepared for each award sector!

Best Attendance
Mission Complete
Out of the Box
And maybe more…

 More ideas of drawing things and rooms.

 Previous Featherary!

We have been doing this event since February 2023.
Check out how it was last year & All the drawings that joined this challenge.