Online event: Show your works at "Seoul Design Festival 2022".

여러분의 그림을 공유해주시면 "서울 디자인 페스티벌 2022"에 함께 전시됩니다.

Dear Feather users,
 We would like to invite your Feather-works to the Seoul Design Festival.
We are joining the Seoul Design Festival!
It's one of the largest design fairs in South Korea, home of the Feather team.
We will be presenting Feather with the story of our team and our community!
The very first Feather merchandise is prepared. If you are in Seoul, don't miss it.
All global Feather users can participate online. Your works will be shown to Korean design pros and fans.
Please show yours too!
Check out how to join our event. It's until 19 December, don't be late!

 How to join the event

Upload your work on Sketchfab.
* We are using the “Sketchfab” platform to let the visitors view all the artworks in 3D.
Add a Tag: #feather3d #3dsketchbook (You can choose one)
To make sure: Share your link on our community channel on Discord.

 Due: 19. December. 2022.

Upload and let us know before 19 December! (UTC+9)

 All the Feather works on Sketchfab are collected on our ‘Feathered’ collection!

At Seoul Design Festival!

Works Gathered in Sketchfab Collection!

Next event (ongoing) : Drawings come true!
We respect all creators and their creations.
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