Goodbye Beta, Hello 1.0

Feather is ready for official release.

Thank you for using Beta!

The end is another beginning.
We sincerely thank our users for using the beta version of Feather.
Through 15 months of this journey since we started Open Beta, we were glad to see your enthusiasm for 3D creation from all around the world. We are finally here to announce that Feather will be officially released (and still free) on November 1 (2022-11-01).
Please join us to share this "farewell & greeting" moment with the small event.

“Goodbye Beta, Hello 1.0”

We want to share thoughts and feelings with our community about this farewell and greeting. And also, we will always respect freedom of expression and creation. No matter where you are, no matter how you think, please send us your voices!
What: Doodles, messages, or something related to Feather. No other restrictions on content or form. (You don't even need to use Feather.)
How: Upload to #event channel of our Discord server. Or post on your social media and hand us a link via the same Discord channel.
When: 2022-10-23 ~ 2022-11-30.
Plus: A small gift to all participants will be prepared as a token of our appreciation.
Sent works may be shared with credits on our community channel, in celebration of the official release!
The very first set of Feather merchandises will be sent to who participates!

<Goodbye & Hello prompts>

What do we say goodbye to?
Version: "Beta"
Logo: green feathered square
First example: cube
Feather website: greenery look
... and pretty much bugs
What do we say hello to?
Version: "1.0"
Logo: black twisted lines
First example: airplane
Feather website: black & white
... and the upcoming updates
Or any other of your thoughts!

What's coming with Feather 1.0?

On App Store. New features. Still free.

Drawing with neater lines for various styles.
Server & storage upgrade for increased stability.
GLTF export for wider compatibility.
... and more will be explained in detail.

Some “Goodbye & Hello” already sent from Sketchsoft, our team. Even more waiting on our Discord channel!

Idea by Liv, drawing by Jenny.
By Mango.
By Zoe.
By Ram.
By Mango.
By Mint.
By Kwan.
By Sky.
We respect all creators and their creations.
2022 Sketchsoft Inc. All rights reserved.