Recap & Happy New Year

Hope your 2023 was full of great memories, and Feather was with one of them!
We have prepared two events to reflect on your 2023 and share a “Happy New Year” greeting.
Read the details below and feel free to join any of them.

Event 1) 2023 Self Recap!

Let's look back to our drawings with Feather through 2023.
Do a recap of the year with Feather by a questionnaire and share it with the community!
If you join this before 2024-01-05, we will give you a Feather template for your 2023 review!
 How: Answer the questionnaire by the link and you will get your own recap page.
 When: 2023-12-15 ~ 2024-01-05
 Award: “2023 Review with drawings” template in 3D.
 Share your recap page with our community and your friends!
What is the “2023 Review with drawings” template?
You can open this template in Feather.
You can place your 3D drawings in each blank and fill in with your stories.

Event 2) Draw a “Happy New Year” card!

How about making your “Happy New Year” greeting card in 3D using Feather?
It will be the best image to share on social media or send to your beloved people.
Maybe start with this template we are giving out!
If you also share it with our community on Discord #event channel, it will be introduced on our social media channels!
 What: Get the “Happy New Year card” template and make your own greeting card.
 How: Request the template by the link below.
 When: 2023-12-15 ~ 2024-01-05
 Share your card with our community on Discord and also with your friends!

  Happy New Year card template

Get the template for the card, decorate, and add your own drawings!
 We will send the template to whoever has submitted the information. The template will be sent to your Feather account as soon as possible.
 The template you will get!
by Jenny