Where are you from?

Draw about your nationality or where you live!
Could be about cultural events, food, clothes, flag, language, etc.
Our community is getting more and more global!
Show us where you are from or where you live!
Also don’t need to explain the drawing in English. Express with the language or languages that are best for you!
We use English as the universal language but don’t ban using other languages in our community. We hope everyone feels comfortable talking and showing your drawings.
Maybe not everyone will understand what you wrote or explained, but everyone can see your drawings. "We believe drawings can communicate globally"
 What: Drawing that shows your nationality or where you live.
It could be about cultural events, food, clothes, flag, language, etc.
 When: 2023-07-07 ~ 2023-07-25
 How: Upload to the #event channel of our Discord server. with a flag emoji!
 Format: Image, Video, 3D. & explain with your language!
 All the drawings that joined the event will be shared on our social media channels!

 Some works that could have met this theme.

Drawing that shows the language characters.  … and more
Food that can show the culture.
Drawing that shows the area.
Drawing that shows a traditional style of architecture.
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We respect all creators and their creations.
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