What are you a fan of?

Tell us about your favorite movie, artwork, music, etc.
It will be an exciting moment to talk more about our favorites.
We have already been sharing some fan art, but this time the event is actually for that!
Thanks to @Liv @Sky @Yun for the fan art
 What: Any fan art of yours & Short questionnaire filled
Download the questionnaire below.
 When: 2023-05-11 ~ 2023-05-22
 Format: Image, Video, 3D & The questionnaire filled in
 All the drawings that joined the event will be shared on our social media channels!
 We might ask for further interviews after.

 Please fill in this questionnaire

Download the questionnaire image and fill it in
This is for you to tell about your favorites.

 Example of a fan art & Short questionnaire filled

by Liv
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Story  Interview of a Fanart of Starwars

 All the fanart and stories shared!

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