Jumping Drawings!

Send your drawing; we’ll make it jump together!

With your 3D file, we will apply the jumping and spinning animation and make a video.
Let’s gather Feather Works and see what it looks like!
 What: Share any of your OBJ files of the drawing.
Any style or object is welcome.
Check the animation and imagine what will fit best.
You can send more than one if you want.
 When: 2023-04-07 ~ 2023-04-23
 Format: OBJ file & GIF image
If you don’t want to share the OBJ file in the opened community, please send it by DM to Jenny.
 Your drawings will be…
Featured on our social media channels! (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)

How the animation will look like

We will make the 3D animation using all the OBJ files you sent.
We might contact you if we need any adjustments for the file to make it work.
The background color will be the same as your GIF image.
You will be credited by your Discord profile.
But works that might have copyright issues might not be included in the final animation.
This animation will be uploaded by 28th April.
The final animation might look slightly different in some details.

 The final animation

Download the digital “Feather Calendar.”
Check previous community events.
We respect all creators and their creations.
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